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What Is Collagen? Find 3 Wondrous Benefits

What is collagen

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that works as a natural glue that maintains the firmness of the body. 

This protein is not only essential for having elastic skin but also is vital for your skin to repair itself and looks healthy and glow.

Your body builds collagen naturally, but the problem is that aging can suppress the production of collagen. 

That is to say, your skin gets wrinkled and loose its elasticity by growing old.

Also, smoking, high sugar intake, environmental pollution, drinking too much alcohol, or exposure to sunlight are age-independent factors that can intensify the collagen reduction.

Collagen deficiency can hurt your skin, teeth, cartilage, nails, and even the intestines. 

What are the benefits of collagen?

1 | Healthy skin

What is collagen? It is the secrete of having healthy skin.

The first thing to remember is that lack of collagen makes your skin thin and dry, then lines and wrinkles arise.

A pilot study shows that taking particular bioactive collagen peptides for 3 months significantly improved human skin elasticity, hydration, and structure.[1]

Studies tell that taking oral collagen can support the age-dependent reduction of the collagen.[2]

Other studies show that taking collagen supplements not only help you with wound healing and skin aging but also improve your skin hydration and elasticity.[3]

So, collagen has excellent effects on your skin health. It Protects skin from both external and internal damages, increases skin density, and slows skin aging, to point out.

2 | Strong Bones

What is collagen benefits for the bone?

Several parameters can affect your bone quality, such as bone matrix and collagen structure. 

In fact, more than 90% of your bone matrix is made of collagen.

Collagen has significant benefits on the human skeleton. 

Studies tell that taking collagen supplements may prevent you from the bone breakdown.[7]

A study on women who took calcium supplements with 5 gr of collagen daily for 12 months shows a significant increase in the protein, which raises bone breakdown. [8]

So, the oral collagen may help you have robust bones.

3 | relieves joint pain

Collagen supports the integrity of the cartilage that like a rubber padding protects the end of bones at your joints.

When you get older, the risk of joint disorders increases, and on the other hand, collagen decreases.

Studies tell that oral collagen may both relieve joint pains and improve symptoms of osteoarthritis.[9,10]

For that reason, collagen may help you with joint pain and inflammations.


Where Can I Find The Best collagen supplement?

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