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What Are Signs of a Weak Immune System: 13 Harsh Realities

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In this short post, you will find the signs of a weak immune system.

A group of organs builds your immune system to protect you from the bacterium, viruses, germs, bugs, and microbes.

Your immunity is a wheels within wheels defense mechanism containing cells, tissues, and organs that equip with an alarm system to secure you against invaders. 

These invading forces can make you sick, and the severity of that disease is up to your immune system’s strength.

A robust immune system means that you’re shielded by a trained and healthy defense army and backup forces. 

But remember that it’s mutual support, which means you back up your immunity and it’ll back up you.

To put it another way, if you don’t care about your body’s defense system, your health will be at risk because of a weak immune system.

Around 80 immunity problems can run the risk of serious diseases every day. 

But are there any signs that warn you before your overall health condition goes downhill?

Of course, there are, keep reading.

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Symptoms Of The Weak Immune System

Here are symptoms that can point out a weak immune system.

1 | Fatigue

If you always feel very sluggish, exhausted, or pain like when you get the flu may draw your attention to a weak immune system.

2 | Numbness or burning of the hands and feet

Some factors related to your blood vessels such as duration, relapse, and intensity can cause the disorders as following.

Staying in cold weather for a while can cause cold toes and fingers. That’s normal, but if the inflamed areas are itching, numbness, or burning after warming up, it may be a symptom of weak immunity.

Remember no need to worry until it’s periodic, temporarily, and doesn’t cause pain. But if it happens multiple times a week, that may be a sign.

3 | Headache

Sometimes, headaches and immune system performance can be tied up with each other.

For example, vasculitis, which is an inflammation of blood vessels can cause headaches. It may point out autoimmune disease.

4 | Digestive problems

If you are suffering from diarrhea for over 2 to 4 weeks, it may tell that your immunity is out of gas. 

In such cases, your defense system will launch an attack on your small intestine.

Another health problem related to immunity can be constipation and stable dryness.

If your bowel movements are very irregular or stools are bone dry, it can be a symptom of a weak immune system.

5 | joints pain and weak immune system

If your joints are painful in the morning and sensitive to touch, it seems that immunity is in poor health.

6 | Dry eyes

One symptom of autoimmune disorders is having dry eyes.

You can experience dry eyes like itching, pain, blurred vision, or redness.

7 | Hair loss

A weak immune system sometimes set on your hair follicles and brings about regional baldness.

8 | Mild fever

If your body's temperature is always a little bit upper than the normal level, you may have an autoimmune disease.

9 | Frequent infections

If you as an adult need to use antibiotics for over twice a year may mean your immune system is not working well.


10 | Yellow skin and eyes (Jaundice)

Sometimes the liver cells can come under attack by the immune system. That will end up with a liver disease known as autoimmune hepatitis.

11 | Mouth sores

One symptom of a weak immune system can be mouth sores.

12 | Rash can be a sign of weak immune system

The rash is a skin disorder that can affect your skin color, texture, and look.

The rash can cause red spots, itching, and dry skin.

13 | Anemia

Sometimes a weak immune system can detect blood cells as invasive agents and kill them. This problem causes anemia.

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