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What Are the Turmeric Benefits: 10 Unbelievable Realities

Turmeric benefits

Turmeric benefits! Oh, not interesting? 

But wait for a second.

It’s going to be a super exciting spice in your daily life when you find out its all incredible health magics.

Here you’ll uncover 10 amazing benefits of turmeric for your beauty, health, and immunity.

It’s not only going to change your mind but also going to blow your mind. 

The benefits of turmeric

Let's get started and bring to light the first benefit of turmeric.

1. Acne treatment

Another benefit of turmeric is reducing acne.

Turmeric is known as a golden spice in the traditional Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda.

Its impact was also proved by dermatologists of the two universities of California and Drexel in 2016.

So, How to Use Turmeric for your Acne?  

Here are 4 techniques that you can use turmeric to fight back acne.

1. Tea

2. Mask 

Simply mix 1.5 tablespoons of greek yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, and little honey. Then, use the paste as a mask for around 20 to 30 minutes. Next, rinse your face. 

3. Soap

4. Take turmeric supplements

Dr. Andrew Thomas Weil suggests taking up 600 mg turmeric supplements daily.

Turmeric benefits

2. whiter teeth is one of turmeric benefits

Turmeric is not only able to whiten your teeth, but it is also a must-use ingredient for your oral health [1].

Pause using your whitening toothpaste and give a try to a do-it-yourself turmeric toothpaste.

It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features.

That means we can fight back plaques and gingivitis by using it.

How to make it?

Here's Dr. Burhenne's recipe.

All you have to do is mix half of the teaspoon of baking soda, turmeric, L-arginine, and little cold-pressed coconut oil together. 

Then rub the paste on your teeth. Leave it for two to four minutes. Next, rinse your mouth.

3. Boost immune system

Turmeric has a beneficial impact on your immune system[2,3].

It can stimulate neutrophils and macrophages, such as C and T cells.

natural turmeric and its benefits for human body

4. stop hair loss

The next positive effect of turmeric is for getting healthy hair.

Turmeric not only stimulates your hair growth but also strengthens them.  

Korean researches found that curcumin can stop your hair fall.

How do you use it?

Mix an equal amount of turmeric, honey, and milk together to reach a paste. Then kindly massage your head skin with that for a couple of minutes. Next, wash your hair with an everyday shampoo.

5. cold prevention

If you've got cold, turmeric is a wondrous antibiotic and anti-inflammatory [4].

6. Healing wounds is one of turmeric benefits

Scientists of the university of health sciences in Bethesda, Maryland studied the benefits of turmeric for the human body.

They proved that turmeric can not only stop the wound infection but also boost the healing process.


7. relieve joint pain

A study by Dr. Kaki from Malaysia's Kabang Tseng University Medical Center shows that turmeric can reduce joint pains and inflammation.

He also found that we can use turmeric to avoid joint diseases.

8. Turmeric Benefits and Anti-aging

Turmeric is rich in antioxidants and can delay your aging process [8].

It also can help you to decrease reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

9. Helps Fight Cancer

Many studies show that turmeric is a magic antioxidant that can fight back cancer in the human body.

10. Turmeric Benefits for Weight loss

This is one of the best turmeric benefits if you are trying to lose weight.

research was done on obese people who had not been able to decrease any pounds of their weight.

They started taking turmeric supplements for a month. Surprisingly, they managed to lose weight, particularly in their hips and waists.

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