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Stretch Marks From Pregnancy | Causes, And Treatments

Stretch marks from pregnancy are a common problem for most women during this period.

There are many reasons for these cracks, such as hormonal changes, fat loss in the abdomen after childbirth, low skin elasticity, and so on.

Stretch marks are formed in different parts of the body because of the accumulation of fat.

These lines are usually visible on the abdomen, chest, thighs, buttocks, and back of the arms

How Stretch Marks from Pregnancy Form?

The cause of a stretch mark in pregnancy leads to two factors.

First, the physical cracking of the skin that happens during pregnancy. As your body expands faster than your skin. Then, the layers of your skin split, creating angry red or brown symptoms that, indeed, stretch marks have developed.

Finally, your traumatized skin loses its color, taking on silver or white color. Ah, guess what? Stretch marks, lady.  

The second factor, which is still debated among experts, is the exfoliation of the skin with an increase in hormone levels during pregnancy.

In this case, the hormones absorb more water into your skin, which loosens the bonds between the collagen fibers. This makes it easier for your skin to stretch and crack.

In other words, the glucocorticoid hormone in your body rises during pregnancy. That’s not a good thing since this hormone inhibits the fibroblasts of collagen needed for a taut, healthy skin.

Where and when do stretch marks form during pregnancy?

Though stretch marks are typically seen in the last trimester of pregnancy (sixth or seventh month of pregnancy), some women experience such cracks as their abdomen expands.

For women with thin skin, pink stretch marks occur, and in women with darker skin, stretch marks show more distinctly than in the surrounding skin.

What are easiest and best ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

#1. Moisturize your skin

To avoid stretch marks from pregnancy you should use a moisturizer on your thighs, stomach, hips back, and breasts.

Using Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Treatment as developed with Regestril and ProCollOne, both of which are great for collagen development and minimize the chance of stretch marks developing during pregnancy.

Also Coconut oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, butter, and shea butter, wheat germ oil are popular and effective choices for maintaining skin moisture during pregnancy.

If your skin is itchy, moisturize this area more.

Apply Skinception on the affected area, then gently massage in a circular motion until it penetrates deep into your skin.

#2. Take care of your weight

Another way to avoid stretch marks is to maintain a healthy weight during your baby’s growth. 

You will gain weight in a fairly short amount of time during your pregnancy. 

It’s natural to get weight during your pregnancy, but you can avoid a fast and unhealthy one that causes your skin to stretch more.

You should have more calories than before you became pregnant. But not twice as much.

Follow the advice of your doctor on a balanced diet and exercise to regulate your weight.

#3. Sport

It is essential to exercise periodically throughout pregnancy. It helps increase the skin’s elasticity by enhancing blood circulation. 

Exercise cause sweating. As a result, your body can push the contaminants out.

Not to mention that if you have a high-risk pregnancy, it is necessary to speak to your doctor first about what type of workout is good for you.

Once your baby is born, you should do fitness and strength workouts to relax and tighten your skin.

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Treatment is clinically designed to resolve two of the key reasons for stretch marks such as missing collagen and elastin.

It is engineered to:

  • Boost collagen
  • Rise elastin
  • Decrease red and purple discoloration
  • Your skin tone
  • Smooth striations and deep furrows

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy has clinical evidence that decreased up to 72.5% of stretch marks in only 60 days.

Intensive Skinception contains Regestril ®. Not only is it gentle, but it is incredibly powerful, and it has enormous potential for women looking for smooth, attractive, stretch-free skin.

Skinception™ by Dr. Dave David, M.D. is a revolutionary and fast treatment for stretch marks from pregnancy.