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How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally?


If you’re suffering from hair loss and losing your self-esteem, you should read this post.

Hair plays a significant role in not only beauty but also self-confidence. 

Hair follicles are responsible for having healthy hair. When your follicles stop producing hair, as a result, you will go bald slowly.

But do not panic. There exist a few natural tips to help you to both prevent and cure hair fall.  

Ok, let’s dig up what can help to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally.

what can help you stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

1 | Aloe vera

Aloe vera can help you to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. 

It's been a natural and effective remedy for stopping severe hair loss in both men and women.

It is not only active on regrowing hair but also can reduce dandruff.

Apply aloe vera gel a couple of times directly to your hair and massage it gently a couple of times per week.

2 | Ginseng roots

Supplements that contain ginseng root can stimulate your hair follicles to regrow hair. 

Some studies show that Ginseng can promote your hair growth.[1]

stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

3 | Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil has been traditionally used to provoke regrowth of hair and treating hair loss.

Also, studies show that rosemary oil has positive effects on treating androgenetic alopecia.[2,3] 

Mix some drops of olive oil and rosemary oil, and then massage it into the skin of your head a couple of times a week.

4 | Lavender oils

The results of a study on female mice show lavender oil can promote hair growth.[4]

Mix some lavender oil with jojoba oil and then massage it into your scalp once a week.

5 | Chamaecyparis obtusa oil

A study on mice tells that obtusa oil can boost blood circulation and stimulate the ALP and γ-GT activation. For that reason, it can be useful in regrowth of hair.[5,6]

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