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Low Libido: Causes and How to End

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What Causes Low Libido?

1 | stress

Perhaps you're one of those people who do things well when they are anxious.

But Sexual preference is not one of those things. Everyone is feeling the tension in their job, at home, or in interpersonal relations.

2 | Marital problems

Marriage problems are one of the main sexual desire killers.

For women, the most important part of sexual attraction is a feeling of intimacy.

Conflict effects are minimal touch, mistrust, or loss of sexual desire.

If you have problems with your relationship, you need to see a psychologist.

3 | Alcohol causes low libido

You might find that when you've drank alcohol, your libido has enhanced. But taking too much alcohol will kill your libido. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

4 | insomnia

Your sexual desire is gone? Maybe this is because you don't get enough sleep.

Get up early in the morning or go to bed late? Are you dealing with insomnia or a disease like apnea?

Tiredness spoils sexual appetite.

5 | medicines

Below are some medications that reduce your sexual hunger.

  • Antidepressants
  • Blood Pressure Medications
  • Anti-pregnancy Drugs
  • Chemotherapy
  • Aids Treatment Drugs

6 | Dissatisfaction with body image

If you are satisfied with your body, your sexual desire will increase. 

Exercise helps you feel good about yourself and improves your self-confidence.

If your mate has low self-esteem, encourage him or her that he or she is fit.

7 | Obesity and low libido

If you are overweight, your libido would be reduced. So you're not going to love sex, and your self-esteem will be destroyed.

You will feel better by losing weight and seeking the support of your psychologist.

8 | Depression

Getting depressed will ruin your desire to enjoy life, read, watch movies, attend parties, have fun with friends, and so on.

To fight depression, you should talk to a doctor. Ask your psychiatrist if your doctor's prescription antidepressant causes harm to your libido.

By adjusting the dosage or form of the drug, he will solve the question.

9 | Lack of intimacy

To have sex without passion and affection is meaningless. Intimacy is more than just having sex. If your sex life is dull, try to increase the amount of time you spend together and enjoy being together.

Try to make love with one another without having sex. 

Creating familiarity and attraction will increase your sexual impulses.

Low Libido In Women

Women’s most common sexual problem is “I’m no longer interested in sexual intercourse.” Even young ladies complain.

But treating thousands of partners has proven that we can recognize the source of low libido of women and overcome it.

The first step in the management of sexually transmitted diseases is to determine the root cause.

Is there a natural reason for a decline in the libido of a woman? Is it linked to the aspects of her visual image (her self-image)?

Or can the root of the question be back to the dating history of the couple?

Has the couple’s friendship fallen prey to the “power war” between them? Would a physiologic imbalance in the female reproductive system cause discomfort and dryness?

Alternatively, does it involve a deeper problem in the woman’s subconscious that results from the embarrassment or psychological harm or environment of the family in which the woman was raised?

Usually, one or two first sessions of treatment determine the time to start reducing sexual desire and finding the cause.

If you have a similar concern, experience with the questions I ask in these sessions can also help you evaluate the situation: each of these questions discusses a different area of sexual dysfunction.

Many women may have a variety of problems such as below.

1 | peak

Do you reach orgasm? For a woman who does not have an orgasmic experience or has "anorgasmic" stress, the importance of this issue is emphasized.

Women need pleasure, emotion, passion, and liberation.

Yes, women don't just want to reach orgasm, but without reaching that peak, their desire for sex will decrease.

2 | Pain causes low libido

Do you feel pain during sex? such as:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Pain During Sex
  • Your Vaginal Muscle Cramps
  • Pain When Stimulated
  • Clitoral Pain
  • Pain After Cancer Treatment 

3 | Physiology

Below are some Physiology problems that can cause low libido in women.

  • Mood Swings
  • Drugs Such As Fluoxetine
  • Contraceptive Pill
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Menopause
  • Decreased Estrogen
  • Vaginal Dryness And Analgesia
  • Breast Cancer Treatments

Low Libido In Men

There are many causes of reduced libido. One of the most notables is a physical disease. Such as, erectile dysfunction, which is addressed in depth at the end.

The explanations for this are as follows:

1 | Mental anxiety

Any fear, mental tension, or mental disorder, such as depression, fatigue, and anxiety, can significantly reduce a man's sexual desire.

2 | Medications

Antidepressants and antihypertensive medicines can cause erectile dysfunction and seriously reduce libido.

3 | Physical diseases can cause low libido

The causes that decrease both erectile dysfunction and libido are:

4 | Lack of coordination between couples

There're many men with premature ejaculation. They're bothering their partners. So, these men are suffering a decrease in sexual desire. Because of a lack of self-confidence and fear of being in this distressing condition.

5 | sex hormones

Testosterone is the strongest male hormone that determines the sexual strength and libido of young males.

Any drop in your blood testosterone may result in a reduction in sexual desire.

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