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How To Reduce Stress | 7 Easy Ways | For Free

Are you stressed? You aren’t alone!  Do you know that 75% of the population feel high stress in their lifetimes?  So, the question is how to reduce stress? There should be a way to get out of it, right!

Keep reading to find the answer…

how to reduce stress

Here's a list of best-proven in ways for overcoming your stress and anxiety.

1. Laughter

laughter can reduce your stress

Laughter is the best natural defense you can do against stress. 

How it helps you?

When you laugh, your body receives more oxygen.

Then, because of that, the number of endorphins in your body goes up. 

What’re endorphins?

Endorphins behave similar to morphine as painkillers.

So, When Endorphins increase, the stress hormones decrease.

Researches proved that there’s up to a 27% chance of increasing your stress by just watching a comedy movie.

2. Chewing Gum

how to reduce stress

Studies have shown that chewing gum can reduce cortisol.

It’s not because of what the chewing gum is made of.

It’s all about chewing those boosting activities in the cerebral area of your brain.

3. Make Love

how to kill your stress

This is about cortisol and Oxytocin.

When you kiss or cuddle your partner, oxytocin rise, and cortisol fall.

Studies showed that couples who kiss and cuddle each other regularly, feel less stress because of lower cortisol.

4. drinking tea to reduce your stress

drinking tea reduces stress

Actually, tea is not what is going to lower your stress. But, what happens to a part of your brain which controls your emotions is the key.

Making a tea can send a signal of pleasure to the amygdala that you are going to relax.

So, as a result, your stress will decrease.

5. nature and plants

how to reduce stress

You should go to a park or spend more time somewhere in nature.

Do you know that plants can reduce your stress level?  

That’s true!

Being in nature, not only lowers cortisol, and help you fight back stress, but also overcome sicknesses faster.

That’s why hospitals should have green courtyards and gardens to help patients reduce their stress. 

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