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How to Lower Blood Pressure? Quick Tips

How to lower blood pressure? In this short post, you will find your answer. Keep reading.

When the large arteries lose their elasticity, and natural strength and the small vessels become narrower, the blood pressure rises.

High blood pressure is a mute killer. Because usually, no symptoms appear until the late stages.

Naturally, physical activities and stress increase hypertension. But a person who has hypertension also has higher blood pressure when resting.

how to lower blood pressure

How To Diagnose High Blood Pressure?

You can do it at home by using a blood pressure monitor. Here’s an available online.

To do so quickly, use the monitor, next press start. Then check the numbers given on the screen in front of SYS and DIA. 

You have high blood pressure if:

  • SYS (systolic) is equal to or bigger than 140.
  • DIY (diastolic) is 90 or more significant.

Note! here are some essential tips:

  • Be still (no smoke, caffeinated drinks, and exercise) at least half an hour before taking the readings. 
  • Have quiet rest for around 5 minutes before measuring.
  • You should take a couple of readings and write down the results.
How to lower your blood pressure

The primary type of high blood pressure makes the heart work harder over time. This causes serious health problems such as heart attackstrokeheart failure, and also kidney failure.  

How To Lower Blood Pressure? 

Use fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. Avoid saturated fat and sugars.

  • Minimize salt from your daily meals

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

  • Quit smoking

  • Get enough sleep overnight

Good night sleep helps you lower blood pressure and reduce day time stress.

  • Do sports

  • Take prescribed high blood pressure medicine