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15 High Blood Sugar Symptoms

High blood sugar symptoms can be a sign of diabetes.

We must remember it you shouldn’t ignore high blood pressure signals because that can cause dangerous and life-threatening diseases.

Fortunately, our bodies are always monitoring our health conditions. Such as our blood sugar level. So, we just have to pay attention to the symptoms.

When something is wrong inside of your body, it alerts.

The best way to avoid this serious problem is to mind our bodies’ messages sending out.

Generally, this way we can live as healthy as possible.

Now, let’s find out the signs that show us your blood sugar is skyscraping.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms

1. Blurred Vision

High Blood Sugar Symptoms 1

If you get a temporary blurred vision, it doesn’t mean you have to change your glasses.

It’s more often a symptom of high blood sugar that causes the lens in your eyes to enlarge abnormally.

2. Dry Mouth

One of the symptoms of high blood sugar is having a dry mouth.

3. excessive Urination during the night

High Blood Sugar Symptoms 2

It is a reasonable risk to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom if you drink a huge glass of water before going to bed.

On the other hand, excessive urination can be a sign of urinary tract infection. This can show that your blood sugar is too high.

4. Difficulty Concentrating

Insulin moves glucose from your bloodstream into the cells. When the glucose is high in your blood it means you are suffering from a lack of insulin. That’s why you feel tired and can’t concentrate.

So, what does your body do in this case? 

Here’s plan B. Your body gives the excess glucose out of itself by urination. But, unfortunately, it dehydrates you.

High Blood Sugar Symptoms 3

5. Slow Healing Wounds

If you feel that tiny wounds on your body take longer than normal to heal, its time to doubt about your blood sugar level.

6. Impotence

This is about the weak long-term regulation of a man’s blood sugar.

This can damage his blood vessels, which can cause problems such as erectile dysfunction.

7. Recurrent Infections

Recurrent Infections are diseases that are too serious or that last too long.

For example, numerous pancreas diseases.

8. Extreme Fatigue and Exhaustion are high blood sugar symptoms

Low thyroid can cause tiredness, drowsy, and even feeling sad.

If you have low thyroid, your body has to spend a chunk of energy to fight infections. So, your blood sugar will be high, and you’ll be drained.

9. Stomach Problems

Another problem than high blood sugar can bring to you is that food can stay longer in your stomach.

So, because of that, you may feel bloating, distention, or have abdominal pain.

10. Itchy Skin

Slow bloodstream can cause itches in your legs.

11. Thirst

When your blood sugar is too high, your kidneys have to work hard to remove excess sugar.

Then your body can get rid of extra sugar through urination.

12. You're Always Hungry

High Blood Sugar Symptoms 4

Being always hungry means, a short after finishing your meal, you’re hungry again.

Because of the lack of incretin that is a hormone, your stomach empty food faster. Next, you will be hungry and eat again. So, your blood sugar will increase.

13. Nerve Problems are one of high blood sugar symptoms

Your blood vessels deliver nutrients and oxygen to your nerves. 

High blood sugar can damage them. So, it can cause nerve issues.

14. Tingling and Numbness

Tingling and numbness is a nervous problem (neuropathy) and can be a high blood sugar symptom. In this case, you should check your blood sugar level.

15. Abdominal Fat

High Blood Sugar Symptoms 5

Belly fat is one of the most obvious symptoms of high blood sugar.

If your body can’t absorb all of the food you’ve just eaten to nourish cells as energy, you have to eat again and then again more sugar in your blood.