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Healthy Foods to Lose Weight: Top 11 Foods You Should be eating

healthy foods to lose weight

what are healthy foods to lose weight?

Here are the 11 top healthy foods to lose weight and stay robust and in good shape.

1 | Bean

Beans are full of fiber and protein.

Fiber and protein not only make you feel full for longer but also reduce your appetite. 

That is to say, you will eat less, and get less calorie that results in weight loss.

White beans have alpha-amylase inhibitors that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates by suppressing responsible enzymes for digestion and provoke weight loss.[1]

Studies found that Phaseolus vulgaris or common bean significant effects on body weight and fat.[2]

So, beans are one of the healthy foods to lose weight.

2 | Eggs

The egg is another excellent source of protein.

Adding eggs to your breakfast is a significant step to lose weight.

Because it both gives the primary nutrients and reduces your appetite.

A study on men and women for eight weeks tells that The egg breakfast boosts weight loss and can reduce body mass.[3]

3 | Apples

Apple is loaded with dietary soluble fibers. For that reason, eating raw apples helps you suppress your cravings and lose weight.

Additionally, eating soluble fibers has excellent health benefits. For example, lower blood pressure, better immune function, reduced inflammation, improved blood glucose control and decreased lipid levels.[5]

Furthermore, apples are a significant source of polyphenols. Many studies say that fruit polyphenols may have anti-obesity effects.[4]

Experiments on both humans and animals and humans showed that eating apples can induce losing weight.[4]

4 | Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the best healthy foods to lose weight. 

Because it has meager calories but high in fiber. 

Besides, broccoli has iron and calcium, vitamins E, C, K.

5 | Lentils are one of healthy foods to lose weight

If you want to burn fat, add lentils to your diet.

Lentils can prevent your insulin levels from swinging that cause abdominal and waist fat.

6 | Avocado

Avocado is full of fatty acids that not only improve your health but also help you slim down.

A study on 51 obese men and women, show eating daily Hass avocado on a hypocaloric diet help weight loss.[7]

So, avocados are healthy foods to lose weight.

7 | blueberry

Blueberries are low calorie but high in fiber.

They improve your metabolism and kill your appetite.

Also, blueberry is full of antioxidants that keep you healthy and young.

8 | Brown rice can be healthy foods to lose weight

Brown rice has plenty of fiber that may result in burning belly fat and weight loss.

It also decreases your blood pressure.

9 | Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate first, slows down digestion a bit, which means you feel fuller for longer. 

Second, it has unsaturated fats that can stimulate metabolism and burn calories.

10 | Green tea

Green tea is full of epigallocatechin gallate. It is an antioxidant that provokes your body to burn fat.

So, we should add green tea to our list of healthy foods to lose weight.

11 | potato

Potato has starch three times more than white bread. Starch makes you feel full for much longer.

Also, Potato is loaded with resistant starch, which is excellent for burning fat.

Resistant starch boosts weight loss, increases fat oxidation, can reduce postprandial insulinemia, and lower fat storage.[8]

So, potatoes can be in our list of healthy foods to lose weight.

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