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10 Ways to Getting Rid of Lower Belly Fat Effectively

This post will be covering ways that can help you get rid of your lower belly fat.

Belly fat can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) [1].

The American Heart Association says that belly fat can gives cause stroke and heart disease in older women even with standard BMI [2].

An article by The American College of Cardiac College says that Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat may increase heart diseases [3].

Another Systematic review shows that waist fat can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes [4].

Remember that simple lifestyle changes can have great results in reducing your abdominal fat.

Science-based tips to get rid of lower belly fat

It is not a piece of cake to lose weight, but you can, with a general exercise and proper diet.

Decide to lose your abdominal fat today to not only improve your overall health but also reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Here are effective ways to reduce lower belly fat for both men and women.

1 | Eat protein to lose lower belly fat

eating protein helps you get rid of your lower belly fat

Protein is not only important for metabolism but also increases the satiety feel [5]. 

Research tells that eating meals high in protein for dinner helps men to kill their appetite overnight [6].

If you are on a carbohydrate-free diet, Eating protein can increase your energy expenditure and reduce your calorie intake [7]. 

Remember, you can increase your metabolism by eating more protein, which results in weight loss.

2 | Limit your calorie intake

reduce visceral fat by reducing your calorie intake

An effective way to get rid of lower belly fat is by reducing your calorie intake.

It doesn't only lower your waist fat but also holds back the negative effects of obesity.

A study on 89 people tells that a low-calorie ketogenic diet is a very effective way to lose weight [8].

Another study on 20 people says that a very low-calorie diet not only can kill your cravings but also enhance sleepiness, physical activities, and women's sexual life [9].

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3 | Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting diet can help you reduce your waistline and get rid of your lower abdomen.

This diet is also called a 5:2 diet. That means you can eat for 5 days but should cut calorie intake extremely for the rest 2 days.

Studies tell that this diet not only results in weight loss bust also can improve your health [10,11,12].

4 | Eat fiber to get rid of lower belly fat

eating fiber can help reduce belly and side visceral fat

Fiber has a very positive effect on your digestive system and overall health [13,14]. It can help you get rid of lower your abdominal fat and lower your waistline.

Different studies say adding fiber to your daily diet can result in successful weight loss [15,16,17].

The American Heart Association says we should eat 25 to 30 g fiber per day.

The American Heart Association and the FDA recommend eating 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day [18].

5 | Cut carbs to lower waistline

cut carbs to get rid of side and belly fat

A low-carb diet can be one of the best choices to lose weight. Because a carbohydrate-restricted diet can help you reduce belly fat quickly.

This diet can also cause you to eat less by suppressing your appetite [19].

Studies tell that a low carb diet can help you lose a couple of times more weight than a low-fat one [20,21].

6 | Exercise

Exercising is not also crucial to burn fat and reduce your belly fat but also help prevent cardiovascular diseases [22,23,24,25].

7 | Drink water

drink enough water per day to reduce lower belly fat

It is important to drink water regularly to increase your hydration levels. Water can speeds up the process of breaking fat in your body.

Frontiers in Nutrition tell drinking water Can help you lose weight and cut belly fat [26].

It is also recommended to drink water before each meal on a low carb diet.

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8 | High-intensity interval training (HIIT) to lose lower belly fat

High-intensity interval training is the best exercise to burn the most belly fat for short periods [29]. 

HIIT helps you to burn a lot of calories [30].

High-intensity workout can keep your metabolism high even a few hours after a workout [31].

Also, studies tell that this type of training can help lower your blood pressure and sugar and increase your Oxygen Consumption [32,33,34].

9 | Get enough sleep to lose lower abdominal fat

Studies show that poor sleep can increase your body fat [35,36].

If you want to not only control your weight but also improve your overall health, get enough sleep [37,38].

Enough sleep helps you reduce appetite, cravings, and calorie intake which results in losing fat.

10 | Aerobic exercise is effective in reducing low abdominal fat

Aerobic exercise can help you to get rid of your lower belly fat faster.

Aerobic exercise includes jogging, brisk walking ropes, swimming, and cycling.

Walking is the easiest way to lose weight and improve your overall health.

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