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Here is a List of Top Fishes High in Omega 3


Here is a List of Top Fishes High in Omega 3

What is fish high in omega 3? In this short post, you’ll find the answer.

The amount of omega-3 in different types of fishes varies. That is, some fishes have a much higher amount of fatty acids than other breeds.

For example, herring and salmon are fish high in omega 3 fatty acids. On the other hand, the amount of O. 3 in farmed tilapia is minimal.

In addition, The American Heart Association suggests that any person should eat 2 servings (3.5 ounces) of cooked fish a week. 

fishes that are high in omega 3 are:

1 | Mackerel

Mackerel is not only a great source of omega-3 but also vitamins and minerals such as Riboflavin, D, B12, Niacin, Selenium, Iron, and Magnesium.

100 gr or 3,5 ounces of this fish contains more than 5,000 mg omega-3.[2]

2 | Herring

Herring is a good source of Vitamin B12 and Selenium.

A serving of 100 gr of this type of fish provides 2,000 mg of this essential fatty acid.[3]

3 | Salmon (Atlantic and King)


Salmon is third fish that is a great source of fatty acids because 100 gr of this fish contains more than 2200 mg of O 3.[4]

Also, salmon is an excellent source of Vitamin B12, B6, and Niacin.

4 | Sardines

Sardin contains the right amount of vitamins B12, D, Niacin, and minerals such as Selenium.

Sardin is the last fish high in omega 3 on our list. It has 1,400 milligrams of O. 3 in a 100 grams serving.[5]

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