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Fatty Liver Symptom: 6 Harsh Realities of a Fatty Liver

The growth of excess fat or steatosis in your liver causes a fatty liver symptom and disease.

In the beginning, there are no specific symptoms, but as the disease grows, its symptoms crop up.

Sometimes, the nonalcoholic fatty liver disease goes on and results in other health problems: liver cirrhosis, ulcers, and liver dysfunction.

Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol can cause fatty liver.

Fatty liver symptoms can also happen during pregnancy.

Not to forget that nonalcoholic (NAFLD) fatty liver disease is different from an alcoholic (AFLD) and has a different diagnosis and treatment.

Keep reading to learn what can be a fatty liver symptom.

What can be a fatty liver symptom?

The liver is an organ of your body that removes toxins from your body.

If your liver fails to detox the food or drink entering your body, different symptoms pop up.

When your body gives too much fat or does not burn fat well, it will increase in the liver and be stored.

Excessive accumulation of fat in the liver can lead to fatty liver disease.

If that problem keeps going, it will cause osteoarthritis, ultimately cirrhosis, and liver failure.

Most often, the fatty liver begins and develops without being noticed, but some of its symptoms are as follows.

1. Itchy skin or Pruritus

Itchy skin is generally not taken seriously until a certain amount of skin irritation happens.

But remember that the cause of itchy skin can be because there is bile in your blood.

It can happen because of liver disease involving a cholestasis factor or damaged bile leak.

If bile can get in your bloodstream, it means the bile duct is blocked, and as a result, it will get to pruritus or itching [1,2,3].

2. Bad Breath or halitosis

Diseases such as gum disease or sinusitis can bring about bad breath.

Also, bad breath can be a fatty liver symptom.

Bad breath because of liver disease is known as Hepaticus fluoride [4,5,6].

Hepaticus fluoride makes foul odors, that is because of too much methyl sulfide in your blood.

3. Spider angioma may be a fatty liver symptom

Another fatty liver symptom can be spider naevus or angioma. 

In such a case, swollen blood vessels pop up under your skin. 

It happens when a hormone called estrogen not metabolized and increases in your blood, which can mean liver disease [7,8,9,10,11].

4. Red palms

Palmar erythema is another fatty liver symptom that causes redness, itching, and burning of your palms [12].

Unbalanced hormones in your blood can cause palmar erythema.

5. Bruising and bleeding

Bruising and bleeding can be another symptom of fatty liver diseases [13].

It happens when your body is suffering from a lack of proteins for blood clotting.

6. Loss of concentration can be a fatty liver symptom

Hepatic encephalopathy is a liver disease that can lower your concentration [16,17,18].

Your liver does two grand jobs such as detoxification and providing energy.

Then, when your liver can't clean your blood from toxins, you may lose your concentration. 

Also, a sick liver can’t give enough energy for daily activities, then fatigue and loss of concentration happen. 

So if you can’t focus and feel distracted, take care of your liver.


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