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Deep Sleep: Stages and How Much Should Get

Deep sleep is essential to not only have an active day but also to avoid bad-tempered and tiredness.

You should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. That’s a third of your life [1]. 

Maybe you think that’s too much, but if you want to wake up fresh, energetic and in a good mood, that’s crucial.

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what are the stages of Deep sleep

Scientists split the sleep into different phases.

Since falling asleep to deep sleep can take 1.5 hours more or less.

The first phase gets started with your quick eye movements. Then keep on until your body and mind becomes quiet and calm. 

We can describe deep sleep phases and their duration as below.

| Phase 1

In this phase, you're between falling asleep and being awake.

It doesn't take long, and your body is getting ready to move forward to the second phase.

| Phase 2

Now your body is more relaxed. Then the heart and breathing rate becomes slower.

Even though your body temperature is down, your sleep is not in-depth yet.

| Phase 3

At this point, you get started to shift from light into a deep sleep.

Your heart rate, body temperature, breathing, and brain waves are at the minimum level.

Now you feel no stress and utterly calm.

| Phase 4

In this phase, your body's crucial hormones are on balance. That means your body takes care of itself by healing, growing, and rebuilding muscles. 

| Phase 5

This phase is similar to being in temporary paralysis. It takes only 1.5 hours, and then you're asleep.

When that phase finishes, your breathing, heart, and blood pressure rates are again back to normal.

how much deep sleep do you need?

Adults can have 23 % of their sleep as deep sleep. For example, for an 8 hour night sleep, that can be up to 110 minutes.

The first and second above phases of sleep are the same as light sleep.

Remember, it is almost impossible to fall into a deep sleep all at once.

Sleeping for a long time can cause depression, obesity, heart diseases, and even death.

How to increase the duration of deep sleep?

When you sleep 8 hours but still feel tired during the day, it means you don't get enough deep sleep.

There is no exact way to get good quality sleep, but Of course, some techniques can help you increase it, such as:

  • Use blindfolds to prevent light from entering the eyes.
  • Reducing stress
  • Regular bedtime
  • Frequent exercising and enough activity
  • Healthy diet
  • A cool bedroom can help a lot
  • Listening to relaxing music
  • Meditation

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