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Collagen Benefits | 7 Advantages For Your Beauty And Health

Collagen Benefits

This post is your full guide to collagen benefits. But should you really take collagen supplements daily? What happens to our bodies?

Below I’m going to talk about the main advantages of taking collagen pills.

Collagen has important values for your health. But this article is all about what this amazing protein does and what roles it plays in our bodies.

It will be short and simple. So you can get if collagen is good for you or not.

Let’s go on and break down exactly what the collagen benefits are?

collagen benefits

1 | skin care

Collagen Benefits for your skin

So that’s about your skin’s beauty and health. The key secret of women with beautiful skin is using collagen pills and creams to increase their skin quality.

Research has been published in the journal of skin pharmacology and physiology.

The study on 114 women between the ages of 45 and 65 showed that Surprisingly, the women who took collagen supplements for eight weeks had a 20% decrease in wrinkles.

That’s fabulous, right?  But how come using collagen can fade your wrinkles?

Well, here’s your answer. At the end of the study, there was a 65 % increase in Pro-Collagen and elastin.

Pro-Collagen helps your body to build its collagen. In other words, it boosts your body to smooth and reduce the fine lines.

When it comes to skincare and beautiful face, elastin is what really needed. It supports your skin to avoid wrinkles.

Let’s go on to the next benefit of collagen for you.

2 | relieve joint pain

Collagen Benefits for joint pain

In general, the joint pain is caused by inflammation that reduces proteoglycans which are proteins. 

Lack of proteoglycans reduces the capacity of your body to regenerate collagen.

In practice, a study conducted by the journal Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

The people who had joint pains for at least 90 days or longer started to use collagen supplements daily.

They had a progressive change in their overall join pain. They recognized that they really didn’t have as much pain as before.

Remember that collagen can’t remove your joint pain directly. But it helps your body to do its best to ease the pain and cure itself.

3 | sleep bette

Collagen Benefits for better sleep

Not to mention that any person can come across to deal with some sort of sleep problems.

You go to bed on time. But simply can’t fall asleep. Correct? 

One of the main reasons is that your core body temperature is out of whack.

let’s see how collagen can help you with that? 

Collagen has glycine that is an amino acid that affects your body’s cooling. It leads our blood into our limps and then cools us down. As a result, we can fall asleep easily.

4 | Collagen Benefits For Our Liver

The next collagen benefits are one that’s crucial. If you’re on a ketogenic or a higher fat diet with a lower-carb, collagen is what you need to support your liver.

Why collagen has a notable impact on our liver? 

Because again it’s about glycine. It helps your body to produce bile salts that are made of bile acids.

Searches found that our bodies don’t produce as enough bile as it emulsifies fats. Because bile salt missing. Then, fats stay in your stomach and give you a lot of trouble.

But if you’re dealing with an advanced digestive fat problem, it’s more than a problem related to a normal shortage of bile salt.

So, if there’s no glycine problem, our body starts making bile salt. Which means you can digest fats and turn them into ketones (fuel).

Then it is one of the awesome benefits of collagen if you’re on a low-carb ketogenic diet.

It helps you to avoid inflammation of the liver. I mean tumor necrosis factor.

5 | estrogen

In short, as you know now, collagen has glycine. Glycine activates the estrogen receptors. But maybe you have the question, why I need to activate estrogen receptors? 

Estrogen receptors can take free estrogen floating in your blood and put them in the right use.

As a result, your body doesn’t have excess estrogen. In other words, no free radicals that cause water retention. 

So, you should know that if you’re a woman.

6 | muscle recovery

Collagen Benefits for Muscle

If you’re going to do a muscle recovery, here’s the formula:

Collagen supplement + Protein powder = Muscle recovery

Let’s move on to the 7th collagen benefits.

7 | Collagen Benefits for your Brain

This is the last in our list of collagen benefits.

It is shown that Collagen can block the beta-amyloid plaque that represses Neurotransmitters that are a chemical messenger.

For example, in Alzheimer’s, Beta-amyloid plaque blocks a signal and you will lose your memories.

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